I have never done Pilates before do I need to go to a beginners class?

Our classes are mixed ability beginner to intermediate. We do a one to one with everyone before they start a group class. This allows us to establish any specific needs/focus you may have when starting Pilates as well as giving you an introduction to the Pilates language and method.


I am pregnant do I need to go to a specific antenatal class?

At Pilates for Posture we mix antenatal clients into our mixed ability classes. We don’t have a specific antenatal class but welcome pregnant clients to any of our classes.

Our instructors are all trained in antenatal and postnatal Pilates so they are all equipped to adapt and change exercises in the class to accommodate your pregnancy and teach you a safe approach to stability training in pregnancy.


My Dr has recommended that I do Pilates. Can I discuss my health issues with you before I start a class?

Yes of course, I am happy to have a chat over the phone or answer any emails. We always do a one to one session with everyone before they start group classes. During this session we will cover any medical history as well as goals and individual needs moving forward.


Do I need to bring equipment to class?

No all equipment including mats and small equipment provided.


Is there a waiting list for classes that are full?

No there is no longer a waiting list. All booking is done online.


How does the booking system work for existing clients?

Existing clients have a priority booking period of between 10 days and 2 weeks when they can rebook into their existing class. After that period the booking opens and anyone is able to book any available spaces.


How does a new client book into class?

They need to register online and choose a class time and book it. To complete the booking you must complete the pay page.


Do I have to pay via PayPal?

No you can pay with cash, cheque or a direct transfer, email me for bank details.


How do I know if I have booked a space correctly online?

An email will be sent to you from Winona confirming the class you have booked. You can also check online through your Myspace account and by looking at “my sessions”


I won’t be able to attend my next class can I arrange a class swap?

Yes you need to cancel your class at least an hour before the class and you will be issued a credit which you can use in another class within the terms block of classes.


I didn’t use all my credits can I use some in the next block?

No unfortunately all credits must be used within the existing block. We ask that you please plan ahead when you are cancelling classes and book the class swaps you want and don’t leave it until the last week of classes when several people are trying to use up credits.


How do I know if I am fit enough to do the HIIT class?

The HIIT class is a high impact class but the exercises can be adapted and you can have lower level options or different exercises. Any high impact exercise is contraindicated if you have a prolapse. Please call me for more information/clarification.


Can I book a drop in to try a class?

Yes drop in’s are £20 and can be booked online. To book a drop in However please recognise if you are new to Pilates you will not have yet done the one to one and will therefore not be maximising the benefits of the session. If you have done Pilates before this might be a good way to see if our instructor is a good fit for you. Please remember there are 6 instructors and we all have a different style of teaching.


Can I book summer classes if I haven’t done classes with Pilates for Posture before?

Yes everyone is welcome but you must register online in order to book.